A healthy retreat in the
heart of London

Grosvenor are introducing a new way of living to Mayfair and Belgravia.

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In January 2015 Grosvenor will complete three properties that  achieve the EnerPhit Passivhaus standard.  Available to rent, there will be two properties located in Belgravia with two bedrooms, and one three-bedroomed property in Mayfair.  Creating the first rental properties of this kind, Grosvenor’s aim is to help its customers get more from their homes – more comfort, more health benefits and a more peaceful way of living in central London.

EnerPhit Passivhaus is the world’s leading sustainability standard for refurbishment that provides a high level of tenant comfort whilst using very little energy. Part of the challenge for Grosvenor was to ensure all sustainable additions to the buildings were made in keeping with their current style - typical London terraces with attractive brick frontage.  The retrofitting and refurbishment has included efficient ventilation, triple glazing, insulation and airtightness.

...we are excited to be delivering five unique EnerPHit Passivhaus units with an 80% energy reduction which will be a first for London’s Private Rental Sector.
Victoria Herring, Director - Refurbishment and Retrofit at Grosvenor tells us more about the properties...

Q: What are the benefits to tenants living in these properties?
A: More comfort, more clean air leading to better health, more peace due to sound insulation, and more control over your home’s environment.

Q: Will Grosvenor be developing more of these properties for rent?
A: Grosvenor’s aim is to refurbish around 3-5 units a year to EnerPhit Passivhaus standard.  We will continually review this target against demand from our customers.

Q: Do you need to be interested in sustainable living to live in these properties?
A: No – how you live in the property will have little impact on the efficiency. The living experience is about quality and comfort rather than operation. The beauty of the EnerPhit Passivhaus is that it’s passive - you don’t have to consciously do anything to make a difference. The property works for you.

Q: When will these properties be available to rent?
A: From January 2015

Q: Will the properties be furnished?
A: Yes using upcycled furniture of British origin.

To find out more about renting one of Grosvenor’s Passivhaus properties please CONTACT US