The Living Communities Fund, founded by Grosvenor, sees the lives of people living and working
in the South Westminster area improved through community-building activities.

About the Fund

The Living Communities Fund was established by Grosvenor in 2014 for the benefit of communities in South Westminster. The aim of the Fund is to see the lives of people living and working in the South Westminster area improved through community-building activities.

In 2017, the programme focuses on grassroots community initiatives which support community cohesion by promoting health and wellbeing, reducing isolation and creating positive futures for young people.

The following details the Fund criteria and tells you how to apply. The Fund is managed by The London Community Foundation and is open to proposals for work taking place in a defined area in South Westminster. Please refer to the map on the Guidelines – the shaded area is the main target area for the Fund. Please note, the shaded area is a general indication of the locality and communities the Fund is targeting, and the boundary should not be considered absolute. The deadline for applications is Friday 26 May 2017 @ 5pm (for projects from or after 31st July 2017).

Fund Themes and Criteria
Grants of between £500 and £5,000 are available to support work in the following areas:

1. Health and Wellbeing - especially initiatives which reduce isolation, and enhance the mental health of local people, particularly for those most in need.
2. Better Together - particularly activities to promote grassroots community building activities for all ages to support enhanced neighbourhood cohesion.
3. Creating Positive Futures for Young People - through crime and drug prevention; educational support; mentoring and creative arts and sports activities.

Funding can be requested towards project, capital or core costs for your organisation.

Core costs - If you are asking for the fund to contribute to your core costs, you need to demonstrate clearly how the totality of your work meets the criteria of the fund and what outcomes you would be achieving. We would need to understand the bigger picture about the work that you do, the number of beneficiaries etc. Please ensure that your application to this fund covers no more than 50% of your total core costs.

Priority will be given to:
- Small, South Westminster based groups;
- Organisations demonstrating a clear understanding of the needs of their community.

Income threshold:
Applicants must have an annual income of less than £1million – taken either in the last financial year (2016/17) or as an average annual income over the last 3 financial years.

Who can apply?
We are able to accept applications from organisations with the following legal status:

- constituted voluntary and community groups (including Tenants & Residents organisations, Parent Teacher Associations, Friends of School Groups and community groups that have a minimum of 3 management committee members);
registered charities;
- social enterprises;
- co-operatives;
- community interest companies;
- companies limited by guarantee;
- charitable incorporated organisations.

If you are unsure about any of the above or have any other queries then please contact Richard Horsnell at The London Community Foundation at or on 020 7582 5117.

Fund guidelines
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How to donate:

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