Creating a Buzz

We want to help create a more sustainable urban ecosystem for bees, create a greener London estate,
educate through engagement with schools and to encourage pride within the community.



Our 'Creating a Buzz' initiative focuses on the creation of pocket gardens for the community
 and building a more sustainable urban ecosystem for the local bee population.

 We want to challenge the decline in urban biodiversity by utilising the existing space available on roof tops across Mayfair and Belgravia. We will be developing green roof ecosystems with pollinator-friendly plants necessary for the introduction and sustained growth of a cluster of bee hives. We intend to further support installations across the London estate by introducing more hanging baskets and window boxes.

 To increase community spirit we will be introducing parklets (small, mobile pocket gardens) across the estate which will enliven neglected spaces and reclaim for pedestrians space currently dominated by motor- vehicles. We hope to bring local residents together to create a greener, more inviting streetscape, thereby encouraging pride within the community.

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