A healthy retreat in the heart of London. Grosvenor are introducing a new way of living to Mayfair and Belgravia.

Click here to read about our sustainability commitments and how we will become a net zero carbon
business in 2030 by working with tenants, suppliers and communities

Adapting and mitigating the impacts of climate change

We will achieve net zero carbon emissions from our buildings and from the supply chain operating our buildings in 2030.

We expect our portfolio and public realm to be energy positive by 2050.


Valuing nature

By 2030 we will achieve 100% net gain in biodiversity in all communities where we operate.

By 2030 we will have full understanding of the material risks and opportunities in the supply chains of our materials. For example; climate resilience, loss of biodiversity, carbon intensity, water stress etc. We will do this through reviewing our significant materials supply, the robustness of certification schemes and any material risks that emerge that are not covered by certification.

By 2050 we will be water neutral.

Eradicating waste

By 2030 we will eradicate waste from buildings and developments in our control through reduce, reuse and recycling.

By 2050 we will eradicate waste from all communities where we operate working with our customers and stakeholders through reduce, reuse and recycling.


Positive impact on communities

Create and manage high quality, inclusive and healthy neighbourhoods.

Deliver a legacy of social and economic benefits in our neighbourhoods and improve the wellbeing of those living, learning and working.

Commit to socio-economic assessments post development and post occupancy surveys.

Bringing our partners with us

Share our lessons learned to contribute towards innovation in the UK built environment.

Ensure all our partners are contributing to our supply chain charter and are advocates of Grosvenor’s ‘Living cities’ philosophy.