Mayfair epitomises that smart, fashionable flavour that is so uniquely London, where chic boutiques stand alongside some of the capital’s most prestigious hotels.

Mayfair has a classical sensibility and an illustrious history yet embraces change. It’s a world of luxury boutiques, street-side cafés to world-class restaurants, terracotta hues, colourful window boxes and freshly mowed lawns, and pristine community squares.

Its location couldn’t be more central – just moments south of Oxford Street, north of Piccadilly, and east of Hyde Park. But in Mayfair, the frenetic city rush is quickly forgotten. The grand gardens of Grosvenor Square and serenity of Brown Hart Gardens provide the ultimate respite.

Much as Mayfair makes headlines for its renowned galleries, first-class shopping and dining options to suit every taste, it’s also a place to live, with an intimate clutch of streets and an unhurried, welcoming atmosphere. The sense of being in one of the most vibrant cities in the world is palpable.

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