London is an ever-changing city, always growing and evolving. Over the next 20 years it will be home to 10 million people, placing unprecedented demands on our places and communities.

We want Mayfair & Belgravia to be more active, more open and more integrated, with better streets, greener spaces and enterprising places for communities that are physically and digitally connected – appealing to the many, not just the few.

As long-term stewards, we want to understand how our communities will evolve and we want to share our long-term thinking with them and others. We want to retain the achievements of our first 300 years as custodians, and embrace and pioneer new possibilities.

This is a singular vision of the future that can only be realised through collaboration, evolving Mayfair & Belgravia together with many stakeholders. This is a challenge we relish and one that starts now...